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Unencumbered by a specific theme and embracing all genres, the festival can focus on exploring a rich selection of rare and unpublished films; a cinema that expresses an independence of spirit, a freedom of creation, and the spirit of innovation.


Caribbean cinema is at the heart of our programming.  The "Caribbean Look" section reflects Caribbean pluralistic cultures abounding in references allowing authors the opportunity  to explore these genres.


Nouveaux Regards will include exclusive programming of recent international productions ("Overseas" section) with an unprecedented approach, and a significant new element: first films, first appearances of promising actors, original artistic approach ...


With "Regards 2.0", we can discover an innovative auteur cinema.
The 7th art is the art which evolves with the technologies available. A new language, new forms of cinema are born from these new possibilities offered by the digital revolution.

Expect to experience unique emotions with a selection of  VR shorts in which you can engage using a virtual reality helmet (in the VR Room).


With a program of Master Classes and conferences hosted by NR ACADEMY, Nouveaux Regards  accompanies the local professionals from the audiovisual and cinema fields in the exploration of new forms of writing and alternative modes of broadcasting, linked to the emergence of new medias.


The "Retrospective" section will remind us of the great filmmakers and the fearless energy that marked and ‘shook up’ a whole era.


#NRFF is a bet on innovation and creativity !




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